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Artist Spotlight: Chris Metcalfe

Exclusive Mix from Chris Metcalfe :)

At the young age of just 24, Chris Metcalfe has managed to stamp his mark firmly on the EDM scene. He has been supported by every major Trance jock you can think of. Chris’s debut track got personally snapped up by world number 1 DJ – Armin Van Buuren to his Armada record label and has since had tracks on John O’Callaghan’s Subculture label.

Chris’s tracks are regularly Featured on leading radio shows, including ASOT and VONYC Sessions and have featured on 9 different mix Compilations worldwide. We get to know him a little better :)

Trance Republic: Hi Chris, thanks for doing this interview with Trance Republic. What have you been up to so far in 2014?

Chris: Hi Trance Republic, my pleasure!! 2014 has been great up to now, I’ve had some quality gigs in the UK and overseas as well as a lot of new music. The plan at the start of 2014 was to focus a lot more on new music, so you can expect plenty more from me this year compared to previous years. So far I have had 2 Originals released on Subculture and Infrasonics new 138 label as well as a Remix for Ronski Speed on Euphonic, I have also just finished a collab with Allen Watts which is sounding great, as well as new Originals, Remixes and my first vocal track.

Trance Republic: Describe your music in 3 words.

Chris: Uplifting, Energetic Trance

Trance Republic: Tell us your story (i.e. How you got into trance, production, DJing etc) for all the trance music fans who have not heard about you here in Asia.

Chris: I first got into Trance about 10-15 years ago, I worked in a nightclub in the UK at the age of 15, every week they had massive djs on including the likes of Paul van Dyk, Mauro Picotto, Ferry Corsten, Judge Jules, Fergie ect, these lot were in their peak at this time and some still are, as soon as I heard these guys i was hooked.

Trance Republic: You made your mark in a short time with your first track released on Subculture in 2010 and now with Blackhole Recordings. Share with us how did you get to such a level.

Chris: My first track “First Encounter” was on Captivating Sounds, a sub label of Armada, I remember sending this to Armada on the off chance, I never in a million years expected it to get signed, a week later i had a personal email off Armin van Buuren asking if it was still available for signing, I then got a 4 track contract off them, and it all started from there really, John O’Callaghan then signed my second track to Subculture which was also Armada at the time, I had Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix.

Trance Republic: What is the most important milestone that happened in your career so far?

Chris: I would say getting signed to Armada, that was massive for me, I was always and I still am a huge fan of Armin van Buuren, so to have tracks out on his label was a dream come true

Trance Republic: How would you persuade party goers to attend a trance gig even when they have not heard about a particular DJ for example?

Chris: Its the same as any music really, if you dont give it a chance you will never know if you like it or not. 90% of my friends were never into Trance, I got them to a few trance nights and now they love it, give trance a chance 😉

Trance Republic: In your opinion, is it possible for anyone to make it in this industry if they only do this part time while holding a full time job elsewhere? Or does one have to invest all his time in this industry?

Chris: If you invest all your time in the industry you will have a better chance, not many people can afford to do this though so have got to work on the side. I know a lot of people in the industry that had to work full time until they got to a certain level then they simply didn’t have time to work on the side. The industry has changed so much over the years, there is a lot more competition and is getting a lot harder to get gigs unless your a big artist.

Trance Republic: Share with us some of your current favourite tracks and DJs.

Chris: My favourite djs at the moment are John O’Callaghan, Aly & Fila, Sneijder, Adam Ellis, Giuseppe Ottaviani, everything you hear from these guys is always pure quality.

Trance Republic: Share with us something that you are great at apart from DJ-ing and music production.

Chris: Partying 😉 haha

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