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Berlinition, Chris Bekker’s debut album pres by PVD

Through Berlinition, Chris Bekker attempts to do what a fair few others have tried and failed to do before him!

Berlinition is a studied effort to condense the essence and soul of Berlin into a musical recording. No easy task. It’s a capital, awash with underground cool and motorised by ever-shifting sonic ideologies, which have been in constant flux for 30+ years.

Chris has been around since 2009, producing a number of progressive house and electro house tunes. But it was not until 2014, where his first trance release with Vandit Records, starts to put him onto the map with trance music fans. Little is known about Chris, especially in the Asia region. But he has certainly gotten the approval of trance legend, Paul Van Dyk (PVD), who have been regularly supporting his tunes during his events.

Berlinition isn’t a rash attempt just to put some music out there.

Chris certainly has the talent, having release his debut artist album just two years since his first trance release in 2014. The album is not a token auditory postcard or ‘love note’ to the city. It’s one that’s thematically & atmospherically designed to soundtrack a top-to-toe journey through it.

Check out Berlinition – The Movie, which is a trailer of the album.

Encompassing 11 tracks, it includes the singles ‘Heimat B’, ‘Uferstrasse’, ‘Animatic’ and most recently ‘Berlinition’ itself. The album also features electrifying collaborations with Paul van Dyk & Chris Montana, Tricia McTeague, Sequ3l and Pagano.

Here is the official ‘Berlinition’ tracklist.

01. Heimat B.
02. Berliniton with PvD & Montana.
03. Convolution.
04. Goldelse.
05. Noland.
06. We Can Be with Tricia McTeague.
07. Animatic.
08. Iconic.
09. Uferstrasse with Sequ3l.
10. Moabeat.
11. Hashtag Wunder with Pagano.

Chris Bekker Profile Picture

When it comes to the music, Chris is no great lover of stylistic classifications and leaves the labelling to others. While threading onto numerous styles, the album largely is a nexus of house, trance, tech and progressive. Title track Berlinition marks Chris’ first collaboration with PvD. It has already premiered on the catwalks of Berlin Fashion Week back in January. It’s a track that against the odds manages to fold the city’s opaqueness into 7 gripping minutes.

For each track that Chris produced for his artist album, he and his team shot accompanying capsule videos around the German capital. Those videos have now been sequenced end-to-end and dazzlingly edited to form a cinematic video, which will be a DVD extension to ‘Berlinition’. From the Fernsehturm-high altitudes  of tracks like ‘Heimat B’ & ‘Goldelse’, to the wide stylistic lens of ‘Noland’ and ‘We Can Be’, the album details Berlin. Traversing from the sprawling urban feel of ‘Uferstrasse’ to the more centre-centric ‘Moabeat’ and ‘Iconic’, it brilliantly captures both Berlin’s crux and atmosphere. It is indeed a theatre for both the ears and the eyes. The extraordinary ‘Berlinition is already out through VANDIT Recordings. You will be able to order your copy from Beatport, iTunes or stream it from Spotify.

Talking about Germany nationalism, passengers on all Lufthansa flights this summer will be able to synch their journey to Berlinition. As part of the German national carrier’s entertainment program, the video edition of Chris’s album will be streamed inflight throughout the month of August.



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