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Interview with Aly & Fila

Trance Republic caught up with Fadi from Aly & Fila just before he hit the decks at Jiak Kim Street one last time. It wasn’t difficult to see why they truly are one of the most beloved Trance acts of our time.

By now, we’re sure you would have heard, seen or read about the events that unfolded on that fateful night.

While we sincerely hope that Zouk can resolve this issue so that the Trance scene in Singapore can continue to grow, we were absolutely delighted to have received an opportunity to sit down and have a chat with the person responsible for what is arguably the highlight of Singapore’s Trance calendar… Aly & Fila live at Zouk!

Fadi was kind enough to spare some time for us just before he hit the decks at the main room at Zouk and here are five take away points from what he had to say:

“I love the crowd here….You can see the instant impact of every track on them”

” I don’t want it (the trance scene) to be so commercial or so huge, I like it how it is like this… the whole amount of people you have inside the club, they love your music and they are here for you.”

“You can call it boring or whatever…but I believe in something (trance music), I love it, I will do it until the end. I don’t care what is really hot at the moment, cause trends come and go. And if you go with the trends, you will go also with it!”

“It could be more than one (FSOE 450 tour) in Asia. More than two? I don’t know…I have a good feeling that a lot of people are interested… It’s not far away from you guys”

“The new (Aly & Fila artist) album…planning to release it after the FSOE 450 tour… we gonna premiere more of the album during the tour, so it will be something special”

For the full interview, you can watch it here.

Trance Republic would like to thank Lindy & Zhao Hong from Zouk and of course the wonderful crew members of Trance Republic, Nuwan, Dionne, Aaron, Brendan and Garreth, who made this interview possible.


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