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Interview with DJ Omnia 2016

DJ Omnia returns to Singapore

Singapore trance fans may have been disappointed by his previous outing at Zouk some two years ago, but DJ Omnia is back in the trance with some signature sounding releases and a return to Singapore on Christmas Day.

omnia @ suite26

Figure 1: Omnia returns to Singapore

He took a few minutes from his studio time to answer a few questions from us.


Interview with Omnia

TR: Greetings Omnia, welcome back to Singapore! Since the last time you played here, what is your impression of the city?

DJ Omnia: Hello & thank you! I am really happy to chat with you today! Well, Singapore is definitely one of the greatest places I have ever been to. Absolutely beautiful & unique city with its own spirit and incredible people all around. So I was really looking forward to my return here, after my latest show in Zouk Club.

TR: Your latest EP “Ultra/Hold On” has retained some of the signature Omnia sounds while injecting new elements into it. Can you share with us about your thought process when you are working on your new projects?

DJ Omnia: I think it’s really cool to keep this signature sound each track but I’m always trying to bring something new into it. ‘Hold Me’ is one of these tracks with recognizable Omnia sound but at the same time with absolutely unexpected vibes from the late 80’s. Electronic music today is all about mixing different genres and various periods of sound. And ‘Hold Me’ is the perfect example here. And this is how I’m usually working on my new tracks. Sometimes it’s not enough to have good melody but also great to do something unexpected and bold!

TR: You have released many original tracks over the years. Have you pondered over releasing an artist album in the near future?

DJ Omnia: Honestly, I can’t see too much difference if artist releasing, for example, 10 tracks in a year or the same 10 tracks as one album-release. Probably, the album could tell the whole story and gives much more opportunities for experimenting… However, I still feel good with single releases! But probably some day I’ll change my point on this, who knows. 😉

TR: What skills do you think are essential for a trance music producer?

DJ Omnia: I think there are should be two simple but main things: writing melodies which will “stick” to the mind of listener and making rhythms which will make people dance. And by the way, I am referring to music in general, not only trance 😉

TR: Do you advice aspiring trance producer to pay and seek guidance to fast track their learning?

DJ Omnia: Yeah, sure. Today’s rhythm of life needs you to move faster and smarter in whatever industry. Electronic music production is the huge industry which growing and moves every day and it’s going to be really difficult and slow to make a big career without any learning. Even if you feel like you are already well-acknowledged with the music production, it’s still necessary to be updated with all the news in this industry.

TR: Who are your up and coming trance producers for 2017?

DJ Omnia: Oh there are so many names I’ve opened for myself in 2016 in absolutely various genres! I will definitely keep an eye on these guys: Klahr, Shapov, Solid Stone, 8Kays, Luke Bond, Alex Sonata.

TR: Who would you consider your biggest inspiration in terms of music so far?

DJ Omnia: I have really long background of music I’ve been listening to in different times of my life. When I was teenager, I’ve been listening to the bands like Oasis, Nirvana. Then I discovered electronic music with the names like The Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, UNKLE, Fatboy Slim etc… Later I also discovered house & trance music and such big names as Tiesto, Armin, Paul van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, Axwell. So it’s quite difficult to highlight only one or even a few names as my biggest inspiration.

TR: In the past few months, you released two collaborations with well-known vocalists Audrey Gallagher & Christian Burns. Who is the next vocalist you would love to collaborate with?

DJ Omnia: There are so many tracks with new vocalists coming up next year. We just finished new collaboration with Cathy Burton and my listeners might remember our previous track ‘Hearts Connected’ (released in 2012). Plus really looking forward to my next release on Armada Music in January 2017. It’s going to ¬¬be great melodic track recorded together with talented vocalist Jonny Rose.

TR: You have been announced as part of the lineup for Transmission Bangkok next year, what were your thoughts upon receiving this news?

DJ Omnia: I’m really happy about Transmission and it’s a big honor for me to be featured on such a huge line-up! Can’t wait to perform there!

TR: What can fans expect from you tonight? Will you be playing new, unreleased materials?

DJ Omnia: I’m feeling so energetic now so it will definitely be the crazy night! 😀 There are going to be a lot of trance & progressive vibes in my set tonight including my personal favorites of 2016 plus some of timeless classics and of course my own productions!



Website: http://djomnia.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/omniasounds

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/omniamusic

Twitter: https://twitter.com/omniamusic

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/omnia

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