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Interview with LTN

During the last few years,  LTN has released tunes after tunes that gain recognition from all the top trance DJ. Offers for remixes flooding in, and LTN produces superb tracks after tracks.

LTN has been invited by top DJs to be a guest mix in their radio shows. His guest mix in Above and Beyond Group Therapy has wow-ed people all over the world. We caught up with him recently to find out his progress as far in 2015.

Trance Republic: I think most people in Asia know who you are by now. But for those who don’t, kindly give a short introduction about yourself and the journey that brought you to this stage of your music producer life.

LTN: I’m a guy who loves making music and sharing my music with everyone, so everyone can enjoy emotional music that’s from my heart.

Trance Republic: Congrats to you on the release of your debut album, People I’II Never Forget. It has received Mixmag’s Album Of The Month for May 2015 as well as widespread support from Asian fans. Between all of the tracks in the album, which one meant the most to you?

LTN: The tracks that meant a lot to me are “Hold On To Your Heart” and “Not With Me,” because both songs have special meaning to my life.

Trance Republic: We know that your family has been the key theme for your album. Can you share with us an example as to how the support from your family inspired you to continue with your musical endeavours?

LTN: My family is the biggest influence and support to me. Without them this album might not have happened. They not only listen to it but they really love every single production I’ve made and it really encourages me to create such emotional melodies mostly based on my personal life. I get really emotional and so happy at the same time. It’s the best feeling.

My partner on the other hand has never stopped giving up on me and all the sacrifices she’s made especially when this career requires me being away but she has never once given me anything but support and understanding. And I can never thank her enough for that.

Trance Republic: What is your greatest challenge during the creation of your album?

LTN: My greatest challenge would be making stable and high quality sounds for each track from the album as Enhanced wanted each track to be at the same level.

Trance Republic: Any interesting stories happened during the 1.5 years process of making your album?

LTN: Actually it took me almost 2.5 years. There were some tracks that were meant to be for a remix for some great artists but they rejected it so I had to re-arrange some parts and make it as a single.

Trance Republic: Apart from DJing and producing music, what are your favourite activities you indulge in?

LTN: I love playing console games and to keep fit, I do sports twice a week.

Trance Republic: It seems like you have been constantly releasing tracks (i.e..at least 1 track every month) in the last 2 years. How did you manage to keep it going?

LTN: I have plenty of unfinished projects over the past 2-3 years and every now and then I go back to them and finish.

Trance Republic: Are you working full time as a music producer/DJ or do you have a day time job elsewhere?

LTN: Yes I am working full time now as a producer/DJ.

Trance Republic: Do you think it is possible for Asia producers to achieve their musical aspirations, especially with our hectic working culture?

LTN: I think at the end it all comes back to the person itself. I believe that having faith and commitment in pursuing your dream can take you to a level that you can never imagine. So always have faith and never give up.

Trance Republic: Speaking about Asian music producers, there are far fewer recognised Asian trance & progressive music producers and DJs in the industry. In your opinion, why do you think this has been the case?

LTN: Well it is obvious that in asian countries, pop music is still the biggest influence for majority of the society here and not many appreciate underground music as much as in western countries. But I think it is getting better and better at this stage.

Trance Republic: In your opinion, how do you think the standards of Asian music producers and DJs can be raised to the same level as our international counterparts?

LTN: I think imo, they have to be quite active in releasing their own tunes or at least doing some remixes to get their name out there. But overall, it all comes down to our personal commitment and how far they want to push themselves.

Trance Republic: Who are some of your favourite Asia music producers? And who are some of the underrated music producers that you think deserve more credit?

LTN: My fav Asia producers at this stage would be Shingo Nakamura and Justin Oh. Some underrated producers would be Almer and Roni Joni at this stage.

Trance Republic: What DAW do you use in your studio? What are some of your favourites VST instruments and plugins?

LTN: My DAW is Ableton. Some of my favs VSTI are Omnisphere, Nexus2, Virus Polar, Komplete 10 and Maschine. There are so many great VST instruments but they are the ones I use most of the time for my productions.

Trance Republic: Progressive music is making a renaissance of late with more and more people getting sick of the “Put Your Hands in The Air” thing. Do you think it will ever reach its peak again?

LTN: In my opinion, as long as it’s good music, people will love it regardless what genre they are listening to. But at this stage, yes big room style is on demand and I don’t say it’s bad but it’s just that many DJs keep playing the same tunes over and over again. And yes, progressive will always be in the scene as imo it will never expire.

Trance Republic: We missed your debut appearance in Singapore when the FMFA Music Festival was cancelled. Will we see your debut in Singapore anytime soon?

LTN: Yes hopefully in September but I’m still waiting for the confirmation.

Trance Republic: What are your plans for the rest of 2015 and 2016?

LTN: I’m doing many remixes now and also a collaboration album with an awesome singer, and hopefully by 2016, will release my second album :)
Website: http://www.ltnbeats.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/djltn

Twitter: https://twitter.com/louis_tan_ltn

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dj-ltn

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