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Interview with Moonbeam

Two brothers driven by one united sound vision, Pavel & Vitaly Khvaleev’s unique diversion of trance has found them swiftly in favour with EDM’s DJ glitterati, supported by the likes of Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, Markus Schulz, Ferry Corsten, Axwell, Tiësto and Digweed.

Having created floor uproar through 100s of DJ sets and live Moonbeam shows, they’ve soundtracked hundreds of thousands of EDM nights for clubbers around the world. We speak to the veteran music producers recently about their latest artist album release.


Trance Republic: Good Day Vitaly and Pavel, thanks for spending some time to do this interview with us. For people in Asia who not familiar with your music, how would you describe the music /sound that you produce?

Moonbeam: Thanks a lot! Our style is a dance music combining with deep harmonies and meanings. It’s hard to associate it with one specific style, because we’re always experimenting. 


Trance Republic: Congratulations on the release of your 4th album, Atom, last month! If you had to pick out three key tracks from the album, which would they be and why?

Moonbeam: ‘Atom’, of course, which was recorded last, but later became first in the album and  its title track. Here you can hear the results of experimenting with new groove sounds. Also we can pick ‘Still Believe’, recorded with Irina Makosh. That was our first working experience with Irina and we’re fully enjoyed this process. In this track you can hear beautiful guitar part, which was recorded under the inspiration of last album by The XX. The third one would be ‘Follow me’ with Indifferent Guy feat. Eva Pavlova. This track was actually released as a first single from the album ‘cause we got a lot of good feedbacks from our fans about it.


Trance Republic:  Is there a reason why you both chose “Atom” as the name of the album? Is there a story behind it?

Moonbeam: The title was born because of the fact that scientists have proved that even the atom has its own sound. Every form of nature emits its own sound. And this understanding of the sound mechanism is what is called the magic of music. This concept is very close to us.


Trance Republic: How does this album differ from your previous ones?

Moonbeam: We are always following all the technical innovations in the electronic dance music world and we also always experimenting with advanced analog synthesizers, which are back in the game today. By studying and experimenting in the studio we were able to find some very unique tools that we used in making of ‘Atom’. We also invited brand new singers, as we are constantly receiving a huge amount of demos and among them we find an incredibly talented people. This people give us new experiences and chance to make a great production together.


Trance Republic: Is there a time where both of you get creative/writers’ block at the same time? Is there a specific role that each of you have during the production phase or do you all just do whatever feels right?

Moonbeam: Sometimes, when we can catch an inspiration, we can easy make a track in one day. As a rule, the only problem that can occur while makes music is a lack of inspiration. It’s very difficult to catch it and guest vocalists are very helpful in this case because of their new and different visions of music. From this moment the process of finding a perfect harmony starts quite fast.


Trance Republic: As siblings to one another, does it make it easier to work? Can you share if there were disputes in the studio that are never resolved? (Or any other juicy gossips)

Moonbeam: Honestly, after 10 years of Moonbeam we found a perfect way to work with each other. Each of us has our own work processes, which together allow keeping the balance and creative understanding.


Trance Republic: Besides Moonbeam, have you guys ever thought of going solo?

Moonbeam: No, because we have the same visions in music and we plan to develop it further.


Trance Republic:  One thing for certain, the Moonbeam sound/tracks is very unique and different from the usual EDM/ progressive / trance songs we hear. Who are some of your inspirations that have led to the development of your characteristic sound?

Moonbeam: The main secret of sound is that we listening non-dance music most of time. Artists like James Blake, Thom Yorke, Marilyn Manson amazed us with their music harmonies. Their songs have no borders and this is an unlimited source of inspiration for us. And new album from Royksopp called ‘The Inevitable End’ also surprised us.


Trance Republic: Can you share with us which DAW you guys use and also one amazing audio plugins/VST instrument in your opinion that you use that no one else uses?

Moonbeam: In studio we’re using Cubase 7, since we used Cubase from Steinberg more than 10 years from every first versions of this DAW. As for VST instruments, our favorite for long time is Reaktor from Native Instruments. Inside Reactor we’re always create our own unique instruments, which keep individuality in our sound. From new VSTs we can also pick new ‘Serum’ from XferRecords which is very similar to legendary Massive from Native Instruments but with better sound quality.


Trance Republic: What is the fastest or best way for aspiring music producers to reach the standard of production like you guys? 

Moonbeam: We don’t know fast and easy way because it’s not enough to use someone else’s samples to make quality and unique music. You need to spend a lot of time to learn something about music mastering and studio equipment.   


Trance Republic: How is the electronic dance music/trance music scene in Russia? Who are some of your favourite Russian producers at the moment?

Moonbeam: Russia now is very into its big festivals. First real big festival called Alfa Future People took place last year in Moscow. As for producers, every year you can see more and more new talented musicians. Every day we got new demos and sign the best of them for our label. From Russia we can mention Proxy, his remix for M Machine’s ‘Faces’ was released on OWSLA and blows up dance floors all around the world.


Trance Republic: We understand that Pavel is also a film director, with the recent release of “III” at film festival Dvijenie. We saw the trailer and it looked amazing! Was Pavel trained in film school? Will Moonbeam be focusing on producing more soundtracks in the future?

Moonbeam: Thank you! No, Pavel hasn’t got any special education in this respect. A lot of experience he got from music videos shooting. For ‘III’ movie we’ve made around 20 music themes for certain episodes and we have planned to release them together with movie premiere next year. Working for soundtracks it’s always interesting experience.



Trance Republic: Have you considered Vjing (Djing with videos and visual effects) for your live sets?

Moonbeam: As we have around 40 music videos, we use them as visuals during performances. In future we have planned to make a special show.


Trance Republic: What can fans expect from Moonbeam this year?

Moonbeam: Album supporting tour, new singles and remixes. The III movie world premiere with DVD release and perhaps a CD with soundtracks.


Trance Republic: Lastly, could you help us to do a sound bite?


Website: http://moonbeamonline.net

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/moonbeamofficial

Twitter: https://twitter.com/moonbeamonline

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/moonbeamofficial

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Moonbeamru 

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