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Jordan Suckley New Mix Compilation – Damaged:Neon

Jordan Suckley set things in motion by spinning the time-honoured mix compilation format on its head with the next installment in the “Damaged” series.

Damaged: Neon is a mix compilation featuring the vastly talented Damaged Records label boss alongside his compatriots, Allen & Envy and Israel’s Freedom Fighters. The result is a two discs collaboration which delivers the “back to back” or b2b, concept to the listener.

When listening to the mix compilation, it becomes increasingly clear that there is a sense of duality at play. In the first disc, Jordan Suckley had his mix explore the melodic and lighter side of trance.  The second disc fully embraces the dark side with a multitude of driving psytrance tracks in the spotlight.

The first CD features a b2b from Suckley with compatriots Steve Allen and Scott Envy of Allen & Envy. It encompasses 19 tracks and remixes from a list of reputable underground artists such as Sam Jones, Will Rees, Dan Stone, Amir Hussain and Miroslav Vrlik. Many of the tracks that Suckley have released and played during this year’s Luminosity Beach Festival can be found in the first mix.

Here are some of my selected standout tracks from the first CD.

The techno-influenced Unknown from Sam Jones.

The energetic tech trance-infused Weapon from Will Rees.

The wonderfully melodic remix of Allen & Envy’s Without You by Dan Stone.

The immensely catchy remix of Forerunner’s Lifecycle by Amir Hussain.

The gloriously uplifting Backyard from Miroslav Vrlik.

And the wonderfully dark Ritual by label boss Jordan Suckley.


Lets join the dark side

The second CD in the mix compilation features a b2b from Suckley and Israeli rising star, Freedom Fighters. It encompasses 15 tracks from artists such as Astrix, Lifeforms, Christopher Lawrence, Liquid Soul and Lostly among others. This mix will bring you down the rabbit hole on an unrelentless journey of hypnotic and psychedelic proportions.

Standout tracks from the second disc include:

The mind-bending Spiral from Freedom Fighters and Lifeforms.

The wonderfully trippy Deep Jungle Walk by Astrix.

The tribal-influenced Zulu Magic from Indecent Noise and Christopher Lawrence.

The anthem sounding Be Right from Ritmo and Liquid Soul.

And lastly, the superb Lostly remix of Christopher Lawrence’s Banshee.



This entire mix compilation lives up to its name. It will put you through 155 heart-stopping minutes from euphoric highs to the depths of the dark world. Buckle up, plug in and get ready to be damaged!

The Damaged: Neon mix compilation by Jordan Suckley, Allen & Envy and Freedom Fighters is released by the legendary Black Hole Recordings and can be purchased from Beatport or streamed on Spotify.

Let us know what you think about the mix compilation, Damaged Neon, by putting down your comments in the section below.

Author: Brendan Pillai

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