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Max Graham says farewell to ‘Rebrand’ & hello to ‘Cycles’

More than a decade since its inception under the Armada umbrella, Canadian Dj & Producer Max Graham recently announced the end of the road for his label ‘Rebrand’ records.

In an announcement made through his Facebook page, Max thanked Armada for its support in helping the label grow. He also thanked fellow producers Protoculture & Solid Stone, who “helped create the sound that Rebrand was so known for”.

In the same Facebook post, he then proceeded to unveil plans for his new label ‘Cycles’, which shares its name with the radio show & compilation series mixed by Max Graham himself, which will be dedicated towards encompassing a much broader sound with a wide variety of true Progressive House and Techno with melodic influences. A sound which Max believes  is “almost a return to the days when Trance had an underground groove”.

Read the full announcement below:

It is after much thought that I’ve decided to say goodbye to my record label, Rebrand Records, and Armada as its…

Posted by Max Graham on Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Max Graham’s new single ‘Redemption’ was revealed as the first release on the new imprint ‘Cycles’, and is scheduled for release in Spring 2015 together with remixes by Tim Penner, Alex Di Stefano & Solid Stone.

The cessation of ‘Rebrand’ now adds to an expanding list of labels which have broken away from the Armada umbrella. With Markus Schulz’ ‘Coldharbour’, John O’Callaghan’s ‘Subculture’ & Roger Shah’s ‘Magic Island’ being some of the notable names to have broken away in the past.

However, those who have been closely following the sounds of Max Graham of late would not be too surprised by this announcement. Over the course of 2014 it was clear that Max was slowly but surely drifting away from the sound of modern day Trance and realigning himself with the deeper sounds of Progressive House and Techno. Thus, the ‘re-branding’ of his label as ‘Cycles’ could be viewed as a logical step in his musical evolution.

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