Trance DJ Courses 2017

If you are serious in becoming a proper trance DJ, this is the right DJ course for you.

Whether you are into Big Room Trance, Uplifting Trance or Tech Trance, this Trance DJ course lays the foundation for you.

The course is instructed by leading trance DJs in Singapore, who have played in prestigious clubs such as Zouk, 1-Altimate, Bang Bang, etc.



6 Sessions, 1 hour each (Total 6 hours)



Private – 1 pax

Double – 2 pax

Group – 3 pax



Our Trance DJ Elementary Course will train you the basics of DJ-ing, using both Turntables and CD players, as well as introduce the use of DJ Controllers.

You will first be introduced to various types of DJ equipment and their features / functions, as well as how to set up.

After which, you will learn the fundamentals of DJ-ing.

Two of the most basic are Beat Matching “by ear” – Matching the tempo of an upcoming track to the one that is currently playing, and Mixing – The blending of 2 songs (or more) in a seamless and musical manner.


Learning Points:

– Introduction to DJ Equipment and their features / functions

(Turntables, CD Players, DJ Controllers, DJ Mixers)

– Setting up equipment

– Introduction to Trance Sub-Genres

– Beat Matching, Mixing, Bar Counting

– Harmonic / Key Mixing

– EQ-ing, Volume Control



4 Sessions, 1 hour each (Total 4 hours)



Private – 1 pax

Double – 2 pax

Group – 3 pax



Our Trance Intermediate DJ Course will further your Trance DJ education, after you have completed our Trance Elementary DJ Course.

It will introduce you to the use of Digital Effects, as well as Track Programming.

In addition to learning to become a DJ, you’ll be given insights into promoting yourself, as well as an overview of the Trance scene.


Learning Points:

– Track Programming / Arrangement

– Digital Effects

– How to promote yourself

– Overview of the Trance scene

– Mixtape



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Felix is a patient and a very good teacher who is passionate about trance. I benefited greatly from his guidance. ~ Jonathan Lim


Felix’s Story


Felix began his career in the local DJ-ing scene in 2005, when he was picked to play at Zouk for “Localized”. Since then, he has rocked the crowd in various clubs, such as Liquid Room, Phuture, DOM Lounge, Canvas, Chameleon Club, Azzura and Avalon. Felix has held DJ residencies at Living Room, Play Club and Club Cin Cin.

Besides DJ-ing, he also manages the Trance music community in Singapore, Trance Republic. He was the co-producer for the Republika compilation CDs 1 and 2 (collaboration with EQ Music), which enjoyed successful sales locally.

On the music production front, he has worked with talented local artist and songwriter, Eli T, remixing his song “Hear Me” from Eli’s debut album, “Revolt”. He performed alongside with Eli T in Mosaic Music Festival 2012, Men’s Fashion Week, Singapore Arts Festival and toured with him to New Zealand to perform in the Napier City Festival.

Felix’s humble beginnings started when he graduated from acclaimed creative media academy, Full Sail University. During his time in the US, he worked his way up to become the assistant sound engineer for Grammy Award winning production team, Espionage (who is responsible for hits such as Beyonce’s Irreplaceable and Train’s multi-platinum hit “Hey Soul Sisters”).

Jumping into film, Felix was the audio post engineer for respected local director, Tan Shi Jie, for his film “Not Working Today”, where it won the “Best Singapore Short Film” in the Silver Screen Award.

Felix specialises in DJ mentoring for Trance music enthusiasts, as well as teaches music production and audio engineering on Logic Pro and Ableton Live.

E-TracX Overview


Since its inception in 2002, E-TracX has grown to become one of the most recognized names in the DJ Community.

In 2003, E-TracX set up its DJ Skool that is now one of Asia’s most established DJ academies. We conduct one-off workshops and full-length courses both in-house and at clients’ premises.

Over the years, E-TracX DJ Skool has trained countless students from all over the world, of various ages and backgrounds; many of whom, have become professional DJs, as well as setup music-related businesses, both in Singapore and overseas.

Who E-TracX Really Is & Its Mission

The “soul” purpose of E-TracX is to change people’s lives for the better. And, we have chosen music as our medium.

For over a decade, E-TracX DJ Skool’s mission has been to create champions & unite communities.

Creating Champions: We regard our students as champions, not only because they have won awards, competitions, and excelled in the industry, but mainly because they support and inspire others.

Uniting Communities: As many have mentioned, “E-TracX is family”. We believe that if we come together in a positive way, and if we support and inspire each other to be the best that we can be, we can change the world for the better.

To register interest, please contact Steph +65 9665 9085 or Felix +65 9199 8480 and ask about the courses now!

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