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Nish & Hiroki Nagamine shine with Blue Sunshine

Nish & Hiroki Nagamine hit the international big stage with track, Blue Sunshine

Two of Japan’s most prominent trance exports have hit the international big stage with their new track, Blue Sunshine. The song is a masterpiece of Nish (aka Ken Plus Ichiro) that has been licensed not only in Japan but also to numerous Europe labels at the time when Nish released the original track.

Hiroki Nagamine who has a reputation for making quality uplifting trance, remixed the song and his talent was validated when the remix was played recently by trance legends Aly & Fila on their radio show Future Sound Of Egypt (FSOE) 490.

Blue Sunshine, the track

The track is a delightful uplifting and atmospheric song, a signature sound of Hiroki Nagamine. I left all of my troubles behind for a bit while I previewed the song. It’s the kind of track that takes you across landscapes. Imagine yourself as a bird in time lapse mode and flying through the most beautiful mountains, oceans, beaches, etc. It is that kind of feeling! During the breakdown, the piano plays a nice melodic hook over the lush strings and pad sounds which makes you wanna float. My only complain was that the track ended after one climax / peak, which in this case felt a bit weird, as if signifying that good things don’t last. Overall, this song is a standout winner.

Preview the track here:

To vote Blue Sunshine as the next “Wonder Of The Week”, please go to http://futuresoundofegypt.com/radioshow

More about the producers, Nish and Hiroki Nagamine

blue sunshine by ken plus ichiro

Nish (or Ken Plus Ichiro) is a Japanese DJ and producer that makes progressive, driving euphoric uplifting trance, to the harder styles of trance. His first original track “Progression” was released on Amplified Digital and gained support by some of the biggest artists like Markus Schulz and Rank1. He further built on that through successful releases such as Neu Tri No, Heaven’s Beach and Viva Voce Opus 9, which saw him got signed to other label records such as Afterworld Recordings, Redux Recordings and R135 Tracks. Many of his Afterworld Recordings releases have been voted Future Sound Winners & Wonder of the Week by Aly & Fila on the FSOE radio show.


hiroki nagamine pic

Hiroki Nagamine, born in Ibaraki Japan, started producing trance music in 2010. Within a short span of three years, he gotten notice and was subsequently signed to Gent Trance Division and Blue Soho Recordings. Further proof of his creative talent was solidified when his track “Saw” was chosen “Wonder Of The Year 2013” on FSOE radio show. (that means the best song of the year according to Aly & Fila, a mean feat!)

He continued to put out quality uplifting trance music over the years that were being supported by famed international DJs such as Aly & Fila and Manuel Le Saux.



Nish (aka Ken Plus Ichiro)


Ken Plus Ichiro Website



Hiroki Nagamine




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