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Psy Trance Producer, Jens Jakob’s new artist album

Pharmacy favorite Psy Trance producer, Jens Jakob artist album “Another Dimension” is one of epic proportions.

Jens Jakob has an uncanny knack for crafting melodic hooks using uncommon sounds. All together there are twenty-one phenomenal original tracks ranging from tech trance to breaks to his signature psy trance and everything in between. Every track is unique and could hold on it’s own. We asked Jens how he came up with the concept of this album and how he effortlessly blended different styles together to create his masterpiece.

“I grew up in the 90’s listening to various styles of electronic music. By the time I was a teenager I was already producing music. I have produced a lot of different genres since, but over time I fell in love with the whole idea of mixing tech trance and psy trance. I have also been influenced by a lot of old techno, trance, breaks, acid and psy tracks, from back in the early 90’s, so I wanted to make a mix of something new and old. The main reason I wanted to release this album is that I have never been so happy with where I am musically as I am today. I wanted to show my best ideas I have at this moment in time and pushed myself to the limit with this album.”

This is what veteran, Christopher Lawrence has to say about Jens Jakob’s new album

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Jens has done just that beginning with a full throttle pumping psy trance track titled Paranoia followed by Sphere which continues the psy intro to the album.

Track three brings us to the title track of the album, Another Dimension. This track is the pinnacle of Jens Jakob’s sound, intelligent trance with a breakdown that lifts your soul to the heavens.

The album goes deeper on Supernova, a deep dark psy track followed by Underground Industry, wicked acid trance with a funky groove.

The acid trance continues on Black Hole, which happens to be my favourite :)

Jens takes us on a trip back to the old skool with three breaks tracks on the album, Satellite, The Ocean and Outerspace. The Ocean is bumping breakbeat trance and Satellite is a stand out track with a mesmerizing breakbeat groove.

Jens includes three of his biggest tracks form previous singles in case you missed them the first time around, Think About, Dark Energy and Humanism, a powerful acid techno track inspired by psy trance. It was also his first release for Pharmacy. The one that set the Jens Jakob machine in motion.

Innocence, a collaboration with LowProfile, the Portuguese Techno, Trance & Psy Trance duo formed by Ruben Pinho & Tiago Ferreira is pumping acid psy trance with one purpose – wreaking havoc on the dance floor.

No album by Jens Jens Jakob would be complete without the Shadow mix of Titan, a collaboration by Jens Jakob & Diego Morrill which is Jens’s biggest track to date and has been destroying dance floors around the globe.

This is an outstanding work of art by Jens Jakob that takes the listener on a proper trance journey to another dimension.

Verdict: Three words… Creative, Diverse, Interesting… I like it!


Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/jensjakob

Twitter: twitter.com/jensjakobmusic


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