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From Then On, PVD’s 8th album buzzing the scene

Paul van Dyk revealed that he will release new album on October 20th, From Then On

From Then On will be Paul van Dyk’s his first LP in almost three years and his eighth studio album overall. It marks a turning point in Paul’s life. The album was written while Paul re-emerged from the rehabilitation process that followed his near-death accident in early 2016. That episode caused him to experience culture, music, politics and geography with a radically shifted viewpoint.

Paul van Dyk in hospital

The gloom of Paul’s personal suffering seemed to mirror the turmoil of the world. While in rehabilitation, Paul’s senses heightened and he was able to derive great joy from the simple acts he could perform himself, and a newfound appreciation for the small things in life. A sunset in Berlin, a walk through Central Park in New York – seemingly innocuous events became far more significant and in the everyday, Paul started to notice and try to document the extraordinary.

Pre-order the album today: http://apple.co/2xnbEgr

From Then On,  a re-affirmation of PVD’s love and enthusiasm for trance music

‘From Then On’ is a record born from a renewed sense of being. It is the music Paul wanted and needed to write and play, in its purest and direct form. There was no A&R on the record or any pre-conceived notions of what the music should sound like, it was a return to a concise style of writing and recording, much of which took place on stage as Paul improvised ideas live, exploring and experiencing them with people, rather than in the solitude of a studio. Thus, this record feels alive, and its music Paul wants fans to hear together. It makes you feel like you are in the middle of PVD’s new live show concept, ‘AEON’, which made a debut in New York City recently. 

‘From Then On’ is Paul’s most personal work to date while re-affirming his love and enthusiasm for trance. It’s a genre Paul has never turned away from, it musicality and expressiveness always allowed him to explore and evolve as an artist. Today trance as a genre feels more vital and authentic than ever. The music’s primal energy and drive are reinvigorating staid dancefloors, and its earnestness and authenticity are re-capturing the hearts and minds of both underground tastemakers and mainstage masses.

Three singles from the album have already been released, ‘Touched by Heaven’, ‘Everyone Needs Love’ (w/ Ronald van Gelderen feat. Gaelan & Eric Lumiere) & ‘Stronger Together’ (w/ Pierre Pienaar). The album title track ‘From Then On’, collaboration with VANDIT Records’ protegee Leroy Moreno, was released on September 22nd. Also, a special mention of the track ‘Escape Reality Tonight’ featuring Singaporean singer-songwriter and vocalist, Rebecca Louise Burch.

Rebecca Louise Burch singer songwriter from Singapore

Preview the album animation video [here].

‘From Then On’ Tracklist:

1. While You Were Gone (w/ Vincent Corver)

2. Inhale (w/ M.I.K.E. Push & Fred Baker)

3. Touched By Heaven

4. I Am Alive

5. Everyone Needs Love (w/ Ronald van Gelderen ft. Gaelan & Eric Lumiere)

6. Breaking Dawn (w/ Alex M.O.R.P.H.)

7. Vortex (w/ James Cottle)

8. The Code (w/ Jordan Suckley)

9. Stronger Together (w/ Pierre Pienaar)

10. From Then On (w/ Leroy Moreno)

11. Fairytales (w/ Steve Allen)

12. Close Call (w/ Tristan D)

13. Escape Reality Tonight (w/ Emanuele Braveri ft. Rebecca Louise Burch)

14. Safe Haven









Stop Press: AEON by Paul van Dyk

AEON is an ancient theological word that roughly translates to ‘life & vitality’ – the over-arching themes behind both the new show concept and album.

‘AEON by Paul van Dyk’ is a continuation of Paul van Dyk’s long history of experimenting with live performance. Paul has always been more than a DJ, never content to press play, his performance set-up has always been geared to live, allowing him to improvise and compose on stage. This will further evolve with ‘AEON by Paul van Dyk’ where alongside his own new live-set-up, he’ll be joined on stage by two keyboardists.

‘I am incredibly excited to introduce ‘AEON by Paul van Dyk’ to my fans. Music has a distinct ability to take people away from their problems and relieve anxiety and stress, and this is the feeling we are trying to enhance with this new show concept. This intensified experience of sights, sounds and sensations will be our next level of entertainment. Paired with music of my upcoming album ‘From Then On’, it’s going to be a celebration of trance, life and unity. ’ – Paul van Dyk

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