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Jordan Suckley, Liquid Soul & Sam Jones – Damaged Records: Red Alert

Damaged Records label boss Jordan Suckley is a man on a mission. With tech trance being his sub-genre of choice and psy trance fast becoming popular in the mainstream consciousness, he has enlisted the talents of psy trance legend Liquid Soul and trance prodigy Sam Jones in order to serve up a double helping of dancefloor-driven trance.

Damaged Records: Red Alert is a two-disc compilation which features Suckley firstly going up against Liquid Soul on the decks in a psy trance filled compilation on the first disc before doing more of the same with Sam Jones in a tech trance filled compilation on the second disc.

The two-disc compilation features a multitude of tracks that have either been released in the course of 2015 or new tracks which have been set aside specifically for this compilation and is sourced from some of the most dependable trance labels on the planet such as Perfecto Fluoro, Kearnage, Techburst, Iboga, Fineplay and of course, Damaged.

Tracks from artists such as John ’00’ Fleming, Bowdidge & Taylor, Harmonic Rush, Sneijder & Nick Callaghan, Bryan Kearney, Shugz Kirkpatrick, Liam Wilson, Richard Durand, Orla Feeney and Kriess Guyte feature in the two-disc compilation, which promises to deliver quality-assured, hard, fast and devoutly touch trance music to fans and listeners alike.

The first disc in the compilation features the talents of psy trance legend Nicola ‘Liquid Soul’ Capobianco as he serves up a blistering psy trance filled assault on our senses, while label boss Suckley gives as good as he gets with another psy-filled salvo, leaving the listener dazed and in an altered state of consciousness.

Notable tracks from the first disc would be:

Thomas Datt’s impressive tech-psy effort, The Psychonaut

The wonderfully trippy Dejavoo by Darma

The mind-bendingly awesome Liquid Soul remix of God’s Eye by The Overlords

The brilliantly hypnotic DFRNT by Nick Callaghan

And the massive Heatbeat remix of Jordan Suckley’s Droid

The second disc in the compilation features the talents of Welsh whiz kid Sam Jones as he flips the trance polarity with an injection of several sub-genres including techno, while Suckley follows up with another dose of tech trance goodness that will surely leave the listener begging for more.

Notable tracks from the second disc would be:

Alex Di Stefano’s wonderfully deep and moody techno effort, Battlefield

The devilishly good tech-psy beast Charlie Charlie by Sam Jones

The tech trance banger of a collaboration from both Jordan Suckley and Sam Jones, Hijacker

The addictively brilliant new release from Unbeat, Human Error

And the anthemic Shugz remix of Bryan Kearney’s brilliant Mexican Rave, which hit the top spot on the Beatport Trance chart.

Special mention goes out to label boss Suckley’s amazing rework of Tiesto’s Suburban Train, which pays proper homage to the original while injecting some tech trance flair to the proceedings

The entire two-disc compilation spans 33 tracks over a heart-racing 160 minutes, which is bound to delight tech trance and psy trance lovers alike and provide endless enjoyment.

Damaged Records: Red Alert is produced and released by Jordan Suckley’s label Damaged Records, which is a sub-label of the legendary Black Hole Recordings. Digital copies are available for purchase on Beatport from the 18th of December and physical copies will be available for sale on Fine Night from the 22nd of January.

Author: Brendan Pillai

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