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Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Trance Vocalists

In many cases, God is fair. You either have talent or you have looks. But for the following vocalists, they have the full package.

Number 10 – Christina Novelli


If you are into the punk rock look, Christina Novelli (from London) is your girl. Blessed with a powerful rocker and ‘popish’ voice, she has wow-ed fans with her performance in ‘Concrete Angel’. Concrete Angel’ entered the Billboard (magazine) at #15 on the ‘Dance Music’ charts and was nominated for the 28th Annual International Dance Music Awards for ‘Best Trance Track’ of 2013.

In recent times, she has been involved in a serious car crash, which she has thankfully come out of without any serious injuries.


Number 9 – Fiora


Fiora (full name Fiora Cutler), pictured left, is an Australian (Asian mixed) singer, songwriter, producer and orchestral composer who is based in Berlin. Classically trained in singing and violin, Fiora won a scholarship to the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University to study voice, completing a bachelor’s degree in music performance with Professor Janet Delpratt.

After achieving some success in the international song competition, Das Lied, she began collaborating with producers in Europe leading to releases with Armin Van Buuren on ‘Breathe in Deep’ from the Mirage album in 2010. But it was ‘Waiting For The Night’ that propelled Fiora into the trance limelight.


Number 8 – Jwaydan


Jwaydan is a familiar name for most trance fans, after we all saw how she ‘Controlled The Sunlight’ which her voice and her assets.

What people did not know, ‘We Control The Sunlight’, was originally composed by her as an acoustic song.

Jwaydan was born and raised in the United Kingdom, and studied at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama resulting in a degree as a classical composer, pianist and cellist.

‘We Control the Sunlight’, eventually became the official tune of the year award on Armin van Buuren’s highly acclaimed A State of Trance in 2011, receiving 2,320 votes from listeners across the world. The compilation went straight to no.1 on the iTunes dance charts in both the UK and the US, and debuted at no.2 in Canada, France Ireland and Spain. It was number one on the Beatport trance chart and on the now defunct Audiojelly. It was also number one on Armada Top 100 downloads, making it one of the highest selling trance tracks of 2011.


Number 7 – Christina Soto


Girl next door, Cristina Soto is a professional, multi-genre singer/songwriter from United States, Austin, Texas, who is classically trained as well. She came to the trance limelight with several successful collaborations with Tritonal, such as ‘Lifted’ and also toured with the DJ duo.
Her pleasant looks and soft vocals had won the hearts of many during that period of time. However, after she got married in 2011, her collaborations with Tritonal halted and she appears to be pursuing her own independent singer/songwriter career.


Number 6 – Kim Kiona

Kim Kiona

Fairly new to the scene, Kim Kiona is a Dutch singer and also the rumored girlfriend of Driftmoon. She also seems to bear some resemblance to her “sister from another mother”, Kim Kadashian!

She first got into the spotlight while touring with RAM and her collaboration on the song “Miss You”. Her classy looks and strong facial features certainly helped.


Number 5 – Emma Hewitt

emma hewitt

Yet another Australian vocalist, Emma Hewitt is the undisputed queen of modern day trance vocalist. Emma Hewitt had a musical background in rock music. She got into the spotlight after she released her debut single ‘Carry Me Away’ with Chris Lake in 2007. But it was not until two years later that she truly became the queen with hit songs ‘Take Me With You’, ‘Waiting’, ‘Lasting Light’ and ‘Disarm Yourself’.

Her sleek hairdo and sharp facial features gives her a very distinct look. Together with her powerful vocals, she captured the hearts of many the world.


Number 4 – Adina Butar


Romanian stunner Adina Butar has been catapulted into the trance spotlight since joining the Schulz Music Group as their first female vocalist / songwriter. Markus Schulz first introduced Adina to the world at A State of Trance 550 in Den Bosch and this became the start of her exciting career.

Never a shy person on social media, you can often see her posting numerous photos about herself. Certainly there is no reason why NOT to do so with that pretty face!


Number 3 – Alexandra Badoi

Alexandra Badoi

Romania is certainly doing something right in the area of producing pretty trance vocalists!

Alexandra Badoi is not only a singer/songwriter, but also a model and a weather anchor on Romania’s Antena 1 TV station. You can see why the weather news can be so popular these days ! She first appeared in the trance scene in 2011 but it was in 2014 that she got into the spotlight.

Her track ‘Goodbye’ with Andrew Rayel was voted by the fans as ‘Future favorite’ in Armin van Buuren’s radio show, also included in ‘A State Of Trance 2014’ album and in Andrew Rayel’s debut album ‘Find Your Harmony’.


Number 2 – Nadia Ali

Nadia Ali

Nadia Ali (Pakistani American singer-songwriter) is a household name when it comes to female trance vocalists. She has a very successful music career even till this day. As early as in 2001, Nadia Ali was the frontwoman and songwriter of the band Iio when their debut single “Rapture” reached No. 2 on the UK Singles Chart. After embarking on a solo career in 2005, her song ‘Fantasy’ was even nominated for a Grammy award.

Fast forward a decade, Nadia Ali is known to the newer generation of trance music fans for her hit songs ‘Feels So Good’ with Armin van Buuren (who else) and ‘Must Be The Love’ with the legend BT and Arty. Blessed with exotic middle-eastern features as well as a very unique voice, she continues to charm many men.


Number 1 – Jano


And yet another Australian singer… Jano comes from the town of Pure Hard Dance (PHD), Melbourne.

She is a pretty low profile person. (Has a facebook page with not much biography to read about)

Jano is best known for the song, ‘How Do I Know’ with Andrew Rayel. Her enchanting voice in that track has charmed many, and so have her looks. Big eyes, cute face and a demure look. A combination that does not fail!

She is also the wife of Netherlands born DJ (who now calls Australia home), MaRLo. So no chance guys.


Do you agree with this list? Comment below with which trance vocalists that have enchanted you :)

Author: Felix

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Comments (21)

  1. Cass says:

    I agree with Jano coming in first place but you guys left out the most important part: she organizes some of the biggest and most prominent trance events in Australia! 😉

  2. daci says:

    don’t forget about Roxanne Emery, Noire Lee, Melissa Loretta…

  3. Shrinil says:

    MaRLo is an Australian DJ

  4. Simon says:

    I’d add Rita Raga 😉

  5. Carulo says:

    Stine grove , jess, aruna, andain, betsy larkin, Ana criado, samantha james, becky jean williams, ha ley and many many more…

  6. Marco says:

    jennifer renè?? dove stà… 😉

  7. Hassen Boufateh says:

    In my opinion, the top five should has been as the following:
    1 Jano
    2 Emma Hewitt
    3 Kim Kiona
    4 Adina Butar
    5 Alexandra Badoi

  8. Xyre says:

    First of all, MaRLo is Australian with Australian citizenship.

    Second of all, this list is so unbelievably biased to modern trance it’s not even funny. You’ve got Jano on the list (whom I agree should be there, but #1?) but not Jaren. Where is Justine Suissa? Sarah Howells? Audrey Gallagher? Aruna?

    I’m kind of disappointed with this list.

  9. M says:

    This is really sexist!!

  10. Kevin says:

    Hey nadia ali, what the fuck ? she have looks & great songs. You are joking right……

  11. terence martin says:

    Where is Jes Brieden??? Really? Really!!!

  12. Gaius says:

    This list is always going to be subjective as we all have different taste when it comes
    trance and those who we love singing our favourite and much beloved tracks.
    So lets acknowledge everyone who has made this list and the many others who keeps us dancing in clubs and events across the world .By the way and lets not forget some of the amazing male trance vocalists that are often under represented in lists and polls like this .

  13. aldo says:

    vanessa van hemert

  14. Mauricio says:

    Is there a list of male vocalists as well?

  15. Biker From Hell says:

    Some 13 year old guy probably made this list … Today’s kids lol … They have no idea what trance used to be in the last decade or in the 90s. Take my advice and edit your article and add these names – Luminary , Aruna , Tania Zygar , Tiff Lacey, Sarah Howells, Audrey Gallagher, Sopheary, Melissa Loretta, Kate Walsh.

  16. Dave says:

    Cate Kanell, Katty Heath, Kate Louise Smith, Jennifer Rene, Adrina Thorpe, Zara Taylor, Jo Cartwright, Sue McLaren, Cristina Soto, Molly Bancroft, Cathy Burton, Neev Kennedy, Sarah Howells, Aneym, Relyk, Hannah Ray…

  17. Pondy says:

    What about Justine Suissa guys…?? How can anyone leave her????

  18. Patty Fulmse says:

    Why everyone gets so friggin upset when their favorite artist is not in the list? This article is entirely based on the author’s opinion.
    Geez, grow up.

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