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Top 10 Quotes From The Most Popular Trance and Ex-Trance Legends

Whether we admit of not, many people still have a special place in their hearts for yesteryear trance DJ legends and look towards them for inspiration and direction.

We compile some of the most memorable quotes from the top 10 trance and ex-trance legends. Each of them are heart felt comments from enlightening comments about the trance scene at a particular point in time to their struggles and to outright humorous.

10. ATB


When you always want to be on top you start to lose yourself, lose your uniqueness, and start to copy other things that you think will make you successful. I’ve always tried to be myself and do what I love. My best advice to aspiring artists would be to play what YOU love to play. I think that staying yourself and true to who you are is the most important aspect of maintaining long-term success.


9. Dash Berlin


Before Dash Berlin started, I lost my job and at that time I still had my friends backing me up, we had great times but I was unsure what life was going to bring me

~ Dash Berlin frontman, Jeffrey Sutorius reflects the early days of his life as a musician.


8. Paul Oakenfold


When I started DJ’ing, it was no big thing. There was no money in DJ’ing, and you did it purely for the love of playing music.


7. Ferry Corsten


I had a real big fan who was just a kid, who’s dream was to meet me … It turned out that he had a terminal disease, and his last wish was basically to see me. So, I invited him over to the studio. And he had a track made… we put it up in the studio and just tweaked a little bit more and then a few weeks later, the kid passed away. His parents sent us a collage with photos of everything and stuff. It was his last wish… it’s sad and flattering at the same time.


6. Tiesto


DJs are the new rock stars.


5. Above & Beyond


This is the new single from Will.i.am (Not)

~ Above & Beyond on pop star, Will.i.am blatantly ripping off both Mat Zo & Arty’s track “Rebound”


4. Markus Schulz


The problem with a lot of these young guys who get thrown onto the main stage because of a hit record, is that they never get to learn what works and what doesn’t work. They’re just thrown up there and play all the Beatport top 10 hits and that’s it. They never got to experience that whole magical journey, that theater of it all. […]I’ve heard some of the biggest DJs start off their set with just a fucking kick drum, and it’s like where is the theater in that?!


3. Paul van Dyk


Trance had become a dirty word. Thanks to Ian Van Dahl, Lasgo, Flip ‘N’ Fill and DJ Sammy, a generation of kids has grown up thinking trance is the shittiest music since country and western.


2. Aly & Fila


We don’t care about the trends. People will say “Oh, well we think you could change to this big-room house,” or “You could do really well with this, you could make some money out of it,” or whatever. But I’m just like, Sorry Man. That’s not the way we work. We are artists, we do what we believe in.


1. Armin van Buuren


Call us toilet paper because we’re on a roll!

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