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Top 10 Trance Memes That We Love

Memes, the virus that we can’t cure!

Memes have become a worldwide social phenomenon. Spreading like infectious flu throughout the ever growing popularity of social media such as Facebook and Pinterest. The majority of modern memes are intended to be funny and framed in captioned photos. It is often used as a way to publicly ridicule human behavior. Videos and gifs are quite commonly used as well.

Trance DJs have not escaped this trend. Usually, its the very top DJs that become the blunt of our jokes. Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, Dash Berlin, etc have all been ridiculed for our amusement. Today, we recall some of the best trance memes that we all love. Die hard DJ fans please take it with a pinch of salt!

Top 10 trance memes (in no particular order what so ever)

Number 10 – The Classic Tiesto Fail

Sour trance fans turned their back against once trance legend Tiesto, when he decided to stop making trance music and moved on to commercial music. Cheers to the person who carefully sync-ed and made this video look as if he really played those songs!


Number 9 – Deadmau5 Windows Error

This was actually a genius move by the ultimate troll of trolls, Deadmau5. He created a meme by incorporating a fake DJ fail in his show, which gotten a tremendous roar from the music fans. Such creativity!


Number 8 – Cash Berlin

Trance fans were increasing becoming displeased when top trance DJs crossed over to the commercial market. Dash Berlin was one of those DJs that was targeted and was ever since labelled as Cash Berlin. Someone expertly photoshopped his artist album to reflect this.

Cash Berlin meme


Number 7 – Darude – Sandstorm

“Sandstorm” is a 1999 trance song by the Finnish electronic music producer Darude. The song instantly gained mainstream recognition and continues to remain relevant as a pre-game hype track before sporting events and background music for a wide range of videos hosted online, most notably during live-streamed sessions of the multiplayer arena game League of Legends (LoL) on Twitch.

The song become famous again after the LCS Highlights YouTube channel uploaded a LoL gameplay video, in which player TheOddOne completes a quadra kill while listening to “Sandstorm”. After been viral on reddit, users on Twitch and Youtube began falsely identifying any background music as “’Darude – Sandstorm”, and it also been label as “the best song ever”.

It made it to Music Video Sins.


Number 6 – Above & Beyond, bitch please!

Pop superstar, Drake, is known for writing some of the most sensitive lyrics that even dudes cry to. Many men have stepped forward to admit their moment of weakness including this Drake fan.

male fan cry for drake

But trance fans know that the ultimate bromance and lyric sensitivity comes from the guys at Above & Beyond. They made all trance fans cry with their emo songs from ‘Satellite’ to ‘Sun & Moon’.
Above & Beyond bitch please meme

Halfway down the list, lets take a break with a cute video about cats raving shall we? Everyone loves cats!

Popular Trance Memes Second Half

Number 5 – Pikachu on Acid

With Pokemon Go and Psy Trance trending at the moment, the Pikachu on Acid meme throwback seems apt! Pikachu was having a colourful trip after been sprayed with some acid.

Mark Ianni created this remix way before the craze on Pokemon Go, which was sync-ed to the original animation from high5toons channel for maximum effect.


Number 4 – Armin’s Embrace The Cheese

Another trance legend that we all love became a target of ridicule when he made the switch to the commercial market. Over the latest few years, trance fans have become disillusioned with Armin van Buuren, as his sound shifted towards commercial EDM. The final straw for fans came when Armin’s latest artist album, Embrace, sounded too commercial for their liking and not the type of trance that they expected to hear. Fans photoshopped the ‘Embrace’ single cover showing Armin clinging on to a pile of money. The title was also changed to ‘Embrace The Cheese’.

embrace the cheese meme


Number 3 – Aly & Fila Cumming

With most of our favourite trance legends going south, Aly & Fila stepped up to the plate to claim the trance throne. They declared never to go commercial and will continue to produce trance music the way they always have. It is very common to see Fadi (one half of Aly & Fila) getting emotional during his livesets and this meme twisted it completely!

aly & fila cumming meme


Number 2 – ‘Promo Guy’ reacts to Psy Trance

This meme first got viral when Australia’s Got Talent released a promotional video featuring a man making exaggerated facial expressions while watching an unknown performance. The audience member was given the nickname ‘promo guy’. And have been compared to the ‘lol meme’ which trended way before this. Psy trance producer, Vini Vici latched onto the viral meme by adding his remix of ‘Free Tibet’ on top of the video and it proved effective. His facebook post was viewed 2.4 million times and was shared over 21,000 times.


Number 1 – CVNT5

Gareth Emery always had a great sense of humor. He became the ultimate troll of trolls when he made fun of the EDM music scene by creating a parody song. Every element of this meme has been carefully thought through. Starting with the name of the song, use of ghost producers, DJ’s fashion and DJs taking a piss at their fans.

Gareth Emery even roped in Armin van Buuren for a cameo at the very end!

Armin van Buuren in cvnt5 music video

So there you have it. Have a good laugh! Let us know if you have came across any other funny trance memes by posting them in the comments section below.

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