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Vapour Trails, Psymon’s new vocal trance anthem

Vapour Trails, poppy sounding trance track blended with classic Simon Patterson psy influenced touch

One of trance music’s hottest property, Simon Patterson has possibly produced one gargantuan vocal record featuring the super talented singer & songwriter Dave Wright. The track is called Vapour Trails and is set to hit the stores on 4th November. Dave has previously sang on another one of Simon’s track, ‘Northern Lights’.

This is Simon’s first vocal release since January when he topped the charts with the sublime Lucy Pullin, who sung ‘Now I Can Breathe Again’. This future sure fire anthem looks likely to bring Patterson’s incredible run of consecutive Beatport number 1’s to a staggering 22.

Vapour Trails is sort of like a psy trancy vocal pop crossover kind of track. The vocal performance is reminisce of Brit pop rock liken to Coldplay. I can hear some moans in the background, but the track is pretty well produced. Nothing less that I would expect from the trance veteran, Simon Patterson.

It is always a challenge to produce a track that transits from a dark psy vibe to a euphoric hands up sing along track.  A brave fusion to attempt – but if anyone can do it, it’s Psymon. He worked it splendidly and I applaud him for that.

Armin has recently featured the track during ASOT 786. Check it out!

The Brave or the Foolish?

With any brave attempt, comes the likelihood of criticism. And some of Simon’s fans were quick to voice out their opinions after previewing the track.

So many good ideas in one track, but yeah, the combination all of them is weird, idk!
Might need to listen to it several times to make it grow!- Brunoo

Always a sucker for the Patterson riffs, which is awesome in this track again. Unfortunately the rest is not really my thing.- PegaSus

Granted, this might not be everyone’s cup of tea (especially for the purist). But with a catchy chorus of the size of Saturn, I foresee that this will become a massive hit with the most people. We shall see if I am right in time. 😛

Vapour Trails also marks Simon’s new partnership with Insomniac Records.

Simon Patterson Insomniac Records

Fig 1: Simon Patterson signs with US label, Insomniac Records, on 6 Oct 2016. (Source: Simon Patterson’s Facebook Page)

Insomniac Records prides itself as leaders in pushing the musical boundaries and trends. Well putting the money in their mouths, Vapour Trails is doing exactly just that!

The track releases on 4th November.













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